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Find out if C.O.R.E. - THE Conscious Open Relationship Experience can help you achieve the healthy open relationship of your dreams & leave your first 60 Minute session with a new feeling, tool, or mantra!

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My name is Sabrina Stone. I am a therapist turned Holistic Relationship Coach.

I help couples turn conflict into connection by helping them rewire their nervous systems separately and as a unit.

I stand for the complete revolution of the Mental [Emotional] Health industry.

If you can have an experience so bad it creates trauma, you can also have an experience so juicy that you create...a Resource!

Talk therapy has a success rate UNDER 40%! We need something new!


Retraining the way you relate to others requires the recruitment of your body and your subconscious, a ritualistic effort to adapt your original attachment towards yourself and THEN others.

Seven years of personal practice, five years of training, and 4 years of leading people through transformative body work experiences have led to the creation of 2 Courses this year & a Retreat next year. 

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Introductory & Support Hour
60 Minutes

This hour is the first step in any journey you want to take with me. It can sometimes be so potent, it is the last step. When we meet, I want to give you a lived experience of what working with me is like, rather than rushing through your story to pitch to you in an inauthentic way.

If you are already in a program with me and want extra support, this is also the option for you.

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THE Conscious Open Relationship Experience

7 Hours of Training + 9 Hours of Support
October 2022 - Valentine's Day 2023

This is a 7 hour curriculum broken into 11 weeks of LIVE meditations & trainings, paired with LIVE Q&A's for a total of 8 Hours of group support.

When you purchase this course, you also get 1 hour of private support at any point you desire during your journey!

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VIP Relationship Reset
2 Hours

In 2 hours, I can turn any conflict into a point of deep connection. Bring me your darkest secrets and I will give you a game plan for restructuring your relationship habits so they are leading you towards each other, rather than creating more walls. We will practice a process in this session that will empower you to grow through any life stress & to forever see each other in your original light.

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Conscious Couple's Foundation Course
10 Hours Training + 12 Hours of Support

I can teach any couple to create growth from any moment in their lives by teaching them to rewire their nervous systems as individuals and a unit.

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VIP 32 Chakra Reset
3 Hours of Energy Work + 1 Hour Online Follow Up

In 3 hours, I will hear your deepest desire & reset your entire energetic system to be tuned towards your goal. You will leave with new energy practices and a new mantra or two! In Telluride/Ridgway only.

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Resourcing Retreat - July 2023
10 Days - Telluride, CO

This retreat will be packed with Inner Child & Energy Work every day. Meat based food, 7 chakra organized.

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“We are hurt in relationship & we heal in relationship.”

Mia Bolte


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