Take Control of Your Life Through Pleasure

When we heal our sexuality, everything else follows. 

Is talk therapy not working quite enough for you or your relationship?

Do you find yourself repeating your parents' bad relationship habits? 

Do you have a new relationship that you'd like to start in a healthy way?

Do you have secrets you can't tell anyone?

Is this quarantine pointing out deep difficulties relating to your household?


Holistic Relationship Coaching with me could be your answer. 

I am what I wish a sex therapist could be. 

Think of therapy with massage. 

Meditation instruction with a sensual nature, focusing on noticing the body's responses to touch. 

We are calming your nervous system and learning your TRUE Yes and No in order to prepare you for the partner you wish to have. 

Your first session starts with your story, then we cover the basics of energy and meditation, then you receive your first personalized meditation, then a basic massage for our bodies to get comfortable with one another, and finally an energy activation. You leave with your first homework assignment.

After your first session, every session will change as you change. The techniques I may enlist include Gestalt therapeutic techniques, Tantric connection practices, yoni eggs, herbs, pelvic floor work and massage, meditation, yoga, diet and exercise suggestions, and much more to help you reach your connection goals. We could cover everything from your wildest fantasies to sexual trauma in your youth to your past life karma with your current lover. It depends on the moment.

I am not a Tantrika. I am not responsible in any way for your sexual energy. 

No sex acts are performed by me or by yourself online or in person.

Instead, my intention is to teach you to calm your own body, to manipulate your own energy, sexual and otherwise, to change your own life. You are truly in charge and you deserve to keep and use all of the energy you cultivate in your body!

My training is Buddhist-Based Psychotherapy and I realized very quickly in my schooling that touch was too important for me to leave out as a practitioner. Especially when we are attempting to address issues related to touch such as sex. 


So I aim to use our relationship to create transcendental experiences for you that you can hold in your body and take with you as a resource in your daily living. My goal is to integrate your body, spirit, and mind to create symbiosis internally, while providing a model of non-verbal attunement and compassion, so that you can learn to have trusting relationships. We are changing your relationship to your self in order to change your relationship to others. 

I am an open book and all of you is welcome here.

I understand that this "Holistic Relationship Coach" concept is brand new and that the realm of sexuality is complex and intimidating.

I get many messages wandering what it will be like with me and you are very welcome to write and ask more questions by clicking the "Get in Touch" button below. 

However, to help mitigate confusion and save time, I have made it standard for every new client to book an Online Intro Hour with me before we meet in person in order to provide you the most clarity on the practice and to provide me with the most clarity on how to help you.

Before you can book your session you are required by the State of Colorado to sign a Consent Form acknowledging that I am not a licensed therapist and stating what I am instead. This form will offer even more clarity than is listed here on what I am and am not. The wording in it may seem excessive, but I promise it is necessary for some and also required by law. 

All sessions are paid for at the time of booking and there are no refunds, only rescheduling. This policy keeps us both very accountable through this heavy work. 

Thanks for taking the time to read and book on!

Coaching Options


Online Specials

100% ONLINE!

Now is a great time to get to know yourself and your partners at deeper levels.

For lovers everywhere, lovers in quarantine.

~ 1-2hrs. ~ $77-250 ~

Sunrise on Matterhorn from Riffelsee


Follow through on your Intro Hour plan. Get regular nervous system regulation. 

~ 90min ~ $225 ~

~ 2hrs ~ $300 ~

~ 3hrs ~ $450 ~

**Inquire directly for intensives.**

~ 4-6hr Intensives ~


- Time plus a length fee of $50. 4 hours + means you will be the only appointment in a day, getting my undivided attention as we divide your hours up appropriately. I provide a small snack and we take breaks. Usually takes longer than the precise hours paid for.-

~ 5 day Intensive + 3hr/day = 15 hr ~ $2250

- Time only. 3 hours with one small break is a length of session that allows us to work straight through our time together. The most effective way to make a breakthrough with yourself. -

Couple in Love

Couples +

Step into my office and let me guide you toward each other in creative and meaningful ways. 

~ 2 hrs ~ $350 ~

~ 3 hrs ~ $525 ~

**Inquire directly for intensives.**

~ 4-8hr Intensive ~ $725-2000 ~

~ 5 days ~ $2625 ~

- Travel Fee: $50/hr drive time. - 

*Purchase 3, get 10% off!!*

**Purchase with Bitcoin, get 20% off!!**


Me and My Philosophy

People tell me there is something about me that makes them feel like they can share anything. My best guess is that the feeling comes from the time I've spent with myself in deep reflection and acceptance of all that is my sexuality and all that my heart deeply desires from my relationships. I'm fully connected to myself, light and shadow. I've gone afraid and not, to the deepest darkest places in my root: my parental abuse & neglect, my birth and infancy, before this life, my intense body shame & eating disorder, my loud sexuality, my own narcissistic tendencies brought on by narcissistic relationships and other victim mentality inducing experiences, my relationship to money, and so much more. And once I learned and felt for myself that physical touch experiences shifted these deeply rooted issues the most efficiently, my whole plan changed. 

This personal energetic awakening began 7 years ago in college when I found yoga. Yoga brought me to and through my Chakras, then I spent a summer learning to meditate with Buddhist relatives, travelled the country, and wound up in graduate school in Boulder. Now, I'm a daily Kundalini Yoga practitioner and practicing Wiccan (which mostly means I meditate in rhythm with the Earth). I follow my heart and I follow the Moon. I trust my emotions and I use the power of my Womb to create my world. 

My journey to helping others began with my first therapist in high school. It really did seem to help to have someone's undivided attention for a while. I set course toward graduate school and, after awakening to all the that the Western Psychology culture was missing, I decided to train in Mindfulness-Based Psychotherapy (Eastern Psychology). I've been taking a break from formal education to learn myself as a human before I took on psychotherapy clients. While I've been exploring myself, I've explored the community and connected with people that are seeking deeper fulfillment in their relationships, but didn't want to turn to therapy, or had and it failed them and their partners. The best way I could think of to start someone on the right course was to start by BEING a good relationship. Let's see how you react to deep eye gazing, gentle touch, to breathing together. You don't have to "go all the way" to find out what's keeping you from connecting deeply. All of our habits show up very quickly in relationship and especially when we engage in practices for the senses.


If we had trust issues before 2020, I can say with confidence that this quarantine has only exacerbated our disconnection as a culture. With such an intense lack of basic intimacy with the collective, we are all craving deeper, kinder, richer connections with the ones closest to us. OR we are begging for the help to not rip each others' heads off! 

Either way, I say we all have the power to heal and to create beautiful, peaceful, fulfilling relationships within our physical bodies and therefore our homes. 

I know it to be true that healing our sexuality on a holistic level addresses subconscious patterns we just cannot address in verbal therapeutic practices. 

If most of our "issues" develop in the first six months of our lives, and then compound over the next 6 years, as is believed in common western psychology, then why would we address these issues on a verbal level? I think you would find it difficult to reason with a 2 year old.

But they can feel you.

Your tension, your vibrational tone, your breath. 

So to re-tune your body, I bring myself to you in the calmest, most radiant state I can be in and I show you first hand what it is to be attuned to on levels you didn't know you needed. 

If you're ready to go deep in order to find out what it means to be fully connected to your own humanity, to the fullest extent of your pleasure...I've been there and I'm ready to hold you through truly anything.

Click the link below to connect with me directly through email with any questions regarding myself or the practice. 


“We are hurt in relationship and we heal in relationship.”

Mia Bolte


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