VIP 32 Chakra Reset

  • Visiting: Wanting to leave Telluride a new person?

  • Local: Wanting to test out my work? To work on your chakras, but not for 90 days?

  • Learning about Chakra care?

  • Needing to add more to your talk-therapy routine?

  • Desiring improved relationships?

  • Stuck in patterns of self-sabotage or trauma response?

You can fully reset your aura with a VIP 32 Chakra Reset!

My VIP 32 Chakra Reset is designed to help with all of these experiences and much more. By addressing every energy point with love, we are re-calibrating your baseline so that ease becomes easier. 4 Hrs that begin with a 45 min Massage, a Meditation, 1.5 Hrs of Energy Work, Restorative Movement, & Verbal Processing.

I then include one Follow Up Session to make sure you are integrating well!

Working with me includes:

Energy Work

Breath Work & Meditation

Inner Child Work

Development & Trauma Focused Nervous System Treatments

Verbal Processing

Homework Assignments

Follow Up