Offerings for Couples 

These offerings are sadly no longer available! 
It has been combined with my Original Resourcing Program into a Course Called the "Conscious Couple's Foundation Course!"


  • Desiring finding your true sexual power?

  • Struggling to create a fulfilling sex life?

  • Recovering from betrayal?

  • Looking to deepen the intimacy an already beautiful relationship?

  • Opening your relationship?

  • Interested in Tantra but don't know where to start?

  • Just starting a marriage or committed relationship?

  • Ending a long term relationship?

  • Recovering from sex addiction (either side)?

  • Experiencing gender identity shifts?

  • Coming out after years of hiding?

  • Starting to get kinky and want to be safe?


You can permanently upgrade your intimacy patterns in the Relationship Development Program!

My Relationship Development Program can help with all of these difficult experiences and more! It is adapted from my Resourcing Program, which couples used to simply complete as individuals. Now we get to dive right into your Relationship Patterns while including your own personal journeys. 


I myself have been in long committed relationships with both men and women (and everyone in between), open and closed, for my entire dating life. If I'm in a relationship, I'm IN IT. You can bet that by trying my best for as long as I can, I have learned an immense amount about personal responsibility, communication, and the role of sexual pleasure throughout my dating life. (Yes, dating women is easier...for me.)

I have changed many clients' relationships to their partners by helping them focus on their own needs in a way that is Self-serving, yet considerate. Our own desires always lead us towards connection, it is our nature. But do you know your deepest desire?

Walking through the deep questions related to each Chakra and Stage of Relationship Development in my program can help you know what you want, and get it, too!

Working with me includes:

Breath Work & Meditation

Intimate Body Work & Touch Techniques

Nervous System Focused Communication

Homework Assignments

Follow Ups

Senior Couple

Relationship Development Program

  • Root Chakra - Are you safe?

  • Sacral Chakra - Do you desire to mate with me?

  • Solar Plexus - How alike are we?

  • Heart - *Find out in your welcome email to the program!*

  • Throat - *Find out in your welcome email!*
  • Third Eye - *Find our in your welcome email!
  • Crown -  *Find out in your welcome email!*


If you are a couple in Telluride, CO coming to me for help, I recommend that you go through the Resourcing Program as individuals first. I have found that couples who successfully complete the program as individuals see immediate progress in their relationship and find it easier to go through the Relationship Development Program.

However, you are also welcome to dive into the Relationship Development Program head first if you feel ready and comfortable. This is a great option for couples who already have individual support or who may have a tighter budget.

These Resourcing Treatments will be 3 Hours long to accommodate two people. 

15 Weeks/90 Days/7 Chakras/7 Relationship Questions




I have also adapted the Relationship Development Program to be an Online Package. Exact same layout, except with 2 Hour long Resourcing Treatments or Chakra + Intimacy Focused Coaching.

This work is guaranteed to bring you closer as a couple.

15 Weeks/90 Days/7 Chakras/7 Relationship Questions




You have the option to do your Processing Sessions Online even if you are in Telluride! Whatever is most convenient for you.



If you are outside Telluride, CO you have the option to turn your Relationship Development Program into a 10 Day Retreat! Just book accommodations in Telluride or your city and I will show up every day for 9 days to be with you. 


Day 1 - Arrival Day & Plan Hour

Days 2-8 - 7 Chakras

Day 9 - Process & Integrate

Day 10 - Depart

We will complete your remaining 6 Processing Sessions and your 30 Day Follow Up online from your home.

8 Weeks/17 Days/7 Chakras/7 Relationship Questions



+ $2200 Exclusivity Deposit for trips to your city = $6600