Offerings for Individuals 

These offerings are sadly no longer available! 
It has been combined with my Couple's Program into a Course Called the "Conscious Couple's Foundation Course!"


  • Wanting to add more to your talk-therapy routine?

  • Desiring finding your true sexual power?

  • Recovering from a break up?

  • Learning about Chakra care?

  • Looking to become your own therapist?

  • Struggling to create a fulfilling relationship?

  • Stuck in patterns of self-sabotage or trauma response?

  • Wanting to improve your relationship to yourself in every way?

You can permanently upgrade your Nervous System through the Resourcing Program!

My Resourcing Program is designed to help with all of these experiences and much more. By teaching you how to deeply connect to yourself, I can improve your emotional confidence in all areas of your life, and especially your next relationship. You can bring your next partner a guidebook to making you feel safe, because you will know how to make yourself feel safe!

Working with me includes:

Energy Work

Breath Work & Meditation

Inner Child Work

Development & Trauma Focused Nervous System Treatments

Verbal Processing

Homework Assignments

Follow Ups


If you are in Telluride, CO coming to me for help, I am so happy to be offering the Resourcing Program via home visits. I have found the home environment to be an effective place for making deep changes. You are welcome to use any space you have access to and feel comfortable in.

These Resourcing Treatments are 2 Hours long. 

15 Weeks/90 Days/7 Chakras/7 Developmental Questions




I have now adapted the Resourcing Program to an Online Package. Exact same layout, except with 1 Hour long Resourcing Treatments or Chakra + Inner Child Focused Coaching. Designed to bring a little structure to our online work.

15 Weeks/90 Days/7 Chakras/7 Developmental Questions




You have the option to do your Processing Sessions Online even if you are in Telluride! Whatever is most convenient for you.



If you are outside Telluride, CO you have the option to turn your Resourcing Program into a 10 Day Retreat! Just book accommodations in Telluride or your city and I will show up every day for 9 days to be with you. 


Day 1 - Arrival Day & Plan Hour

Days 2-8 - Chakras

Day 9 - Process

Day 10 - Depart

We will complete your remaining 6 Processing Sessions and your 30 Day Follow Up online from your home.

8 Weeks/17 Days/7 Chakras/7 Developmental Questions



+ $2200 Exclusivity Deposit for trips to your city = $5500