Introspection Inspired Online Offerings! 

These offerings are sadly no longer available! It has been combined with my Original Resourcing Program into a Course Called the "Conscious Couple's Foundation Course!"

If you find yourself away from Telluride, CO or you are wanting to stay home for any reason, I offer Chakra + Inner Child Focused Coaching for Individuals and Chakra + Intimacy Focused Coaching for Couples. You can read the philosophy and outline of these programs here.

Online I can't offer the same Nervous System Resourcing Treatments I offer irl, so I help you develop your relationship to Self by re-tuning the body with the Voice and Mind.


I reflectively listen to your issues regarding sex and relationships and give you a new tool for your Self-Healing or Relationship journey. We use the Chakras and 7 Questions as prompts along your journey, but this is by no means a rigid practice. Whatever you need, I'm here.


In couples sessions, I teach you both to attune to & regulate one another in real time. Sessions are longer because there are two people's emotions to integrate. Very experimental and experiential.


I accept all kinds of people in all kinds of relationships!

*This practice is very platonic. Please see contract.*


$25 | 1st INTRO HR


8-15 Weeks

In order for any healing to be effective, it must be consistent.

This is why I ask my clients to commit to a program with me.


But not before you approve of the experience!



Meditating on Beach

Individual Package

17 Hours of Coaching 

15 Weeks




Intro Hour

Your first hour on your way to sexual and relational health. 

Learn what you can receive.


Couple Meditating on the Beach

Couples Package

24 Hours of Coaching

15 Weeks



Still craving the physical version of the Resourcing Program?

My Resourcing and Relationship Development Programs can now be adapted to

10 Day Retreats!

Book your accommodations in or around Telluride for 10 days, 9 nights .


Book my accommodations in your city for 9 Days, 8 nights (I leave Day 9).

If I am coming to you, please add a $2200 Exclusivity Deposit because I will be seeing only you for these 9 days.

In Telluride or your city, I come to your space the first day for 1 hour to meet and plan your treatments. Then I visit for 2 hours/day for 7 days to complete 7 Resourcing Treatments, one for each Chakra. You stay to process for the entire 9th day with a 1 hour Processing Session. Depart on day 10.

We complete the 6 remaining Processing Sessions online from your home environment to integrate.