Introspection Inspired Online Offerings! 

One on One Coaching

$77 | 1st INTRO HR

60 min | $100

90 min | $150

2 hr | $200

Purchase 3 sessions at once and receive a 10% discount!

Intro Hr @ $77 + 2 Hrs @ $100 = $277 - 10% =

3 hrs for $250!

This is your most open ended option and is well suited for those just starting out and those that know me and want to keep their energy maintained at home.

Leave each session with one new tool for your Self-Healing journey.

The place to learn to meditate, what the Chakras are, and receive self-touch homework. Once you know the basics, we move into what I call Tantric Gestalt. We work with what is present in the moment in order to disrupt the relational patterns. I help you develop your relationship to Self by re-tuning the body with the voice and mind.


Here is where you can get any specialized support you may need in this time of change and stress.

Personal Sex Magic Ceremony

$150 | 1 hr

A personalized Masturbation Meditation! [Still a clothes ON exercise, like all online offerings.]

This is as sensual as we get to be together as I guide toward your own body mindfully so that you can use your self-touch to learn your subconscious blockages and release them.

Set a goal, bring mindfulness to your body, mind and energy to fulfill yourself in ways you never imagined, sexually and in every other area in your life. Live by satisfaction. 

For those who have heard of sex magic and want to get started, for anyone who experiences numbness with themselves or partners, who wants to be more sensual overall, wants to communicate their needs to their partner more efficiently, or who has experienced trauma.

At least one introductory hour is required before we perform this ceremony together because we need to be comfortable with one another. I will bring you mindfulness and knowledge of your own nervous system and anatomy to your self-pleasure practice. Learn yourself to create your own reality and share it with a partner!

Couples Connection Coaching

$200 | 90 min

($250 in person!)

This is the option for couples that don't want the package and just want help in their relationship. 

This is also the cost of ongoing sessions after the package is complete. 

This option teaches partners how to connect deeply to one another in real time. 

Get an unbiased set of eyes on your relationship, address difficulties at their roots, learn to communicate more efficiently, all through establishing a deeper physical connection. You and your lover get to bring me along as far as you'd like, mindfully experiencing the relationship as its own being.   

I recommend going through a coaching session as individuals with me first in order to deepen your connection to yourself and to me, as well. It is not required, but building our connection to ourselves always improves our connection to others!

Polycules welcome! Kink friendly!

Partners Package

$1,144 | 10 hrs

This package is to honor those working hard on their relationships. My most effective formula includes all of my sessions! 

Includes the following:

2 Intro Hours - $144

2 Couples Coaching Sessions (4hrs) - $500

2 Personal Sex Magic Ceremonies (2hrs) - $300

2 Follow Ups - $200

Purchase all at once and get 1 Personal Sex Magic Ceremony for FREE!

NEW TOTAL: $994!!

**Referral rewards!** 

- Additional partners of those who purchase this package will ALSO receive $20 off their Personal Sex Magic sessions!

- Refer another couple or friend and receive $50 off your next couple's session!