• A clear & finite path from dysregulated to regulated

  • Personalized skills you can repeat for life.

  • A concentrated combination of effective therapies from many different modalities. 

  • Increased connection to your sexuality and improved relationships all around.

All for less than $150/Hr!!

In Telluride?
This program takes 15 weeks to complete as laid out below.

(Follow the Rainbow! Backward or Forward)

Anywhere else?

My Resourcing and Relationship Development Programs can now be adapted to a

10 Day In-Person Intensive.

Book your accommodations in or around Telluride for 10 days, 9 nights.


Book my accommodations in your city for 9 Days, 8 nights (I leave Day 9).

If I am coming to you, please add a $1500 Exclusivity Deposit because I will be seeing only you for these 9 days.

Whether in Telluride or your city, I come to your space the first day for 1 hour to meet and plan your treatments. Then I visit for 2 hours a day for 7 days to complete 7 Resourcing Treatments, one for each Chakra. You stay to process for the entire 9th day with a 1 hour Processing Session. Depart on Day 10.

We complete the 6 remaining Processing Sessions online to integrate.

The Resourcing Program

This is my signature program: a Holistic, personalized mental health treatment plan organized by the Chakras and Stages of Development.

We change your body's trauma response by combining Psychotherapy and Nervous System focused Body Work. For couples, I teach you to regulate one another's Nervous Systems.

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This is a complete path to inner freedom that I have outlined based on everything that has helped me most and everything I have witnessed up to now in my clients' healing journeys.

Ultimately, in order to find inner peace, we all need to make repairs with each of our inner children, as well as heal our body from the traumatic pathways our experiences have created.

I'm thrilled to combine these powerful practices!

In my program, we intentionally work our way up the Developmental ladder, Childhood Development for Individuals and Relational Development for Couples, in order to address the most impactful moments of stress in your upbringing.

There are 7 Nervous System Treatments, each prompted by a Chakra & Stage of Development. These treatments are spaced out with verbal processing sessions so that you have the time to formally integrate what your body and psyche are learning.


In a Nervous System Treatment, you are verbally and emotionally processing your traumas and dramas while I am engaging the body in soothing or activating bi-lateral touch based on what it asks for in the moment. 

This encourages deep processing and releasing of the old story so we can integrate a new one with the same technique.

I am teaching your body exactly how to create new RESOURCES, new pathways, in order to ceremoniously reset your trauma responses.

Think full body EMDR.

Inner Child work at its deepest.

By the time you are finished, you will have a much firmer understanding of your own traumas and  how to soothe yourself through them

Once we create a new base level of calm and clarity together, you can then re-create this feeling for yourself and you have a chance of soothing another while staying grounded, creating healthy attachment.

This program is sadly no longer available!
It has been combined with my Couple's Program into a Course Called the "Conscious Couple's Foundation Course!"


People who want to pay less than $150/Hr to become self-sustaining!


  • People seeking to add to talk therapy, who may not have found full relief there for any reason.

  • Couples who have struggled to find health & safety in their relationship.

  • Individuals who have struggled to find deep intimacy due to narcissistic abuse, co-dependence, or any reason.

  • Couples opening their relationship.

  • People who want a comprehensive combination of effective therapies from many different modalities rather than learning them all separately over years

  • Individuals seeking to improve their relationship to their body.

  • People who want to own their sovereignty on deep levels. 

  • Anyone who believes that all can be healed and we all deserve happiness!




In-home Visits

Hybrid 10 Day Retreat




In-home Visits

Hybrid 10 Day Retreat




Telluride, CO


In-home Visits

10 Day Retreats

(To You or To Me)


IndividualsChakra + Inner Child Focused Coaching


Couples - Chakra + Intimacy Focused Coaching

The Resourcing Program

Planning Session - 1 HR

Once you commit to transforming your relationship to your body in our Intro Hour, we have an hour long Planning Session, in person. (We can do future Processing Sessions online if you prefer. The first one is required in person to build trust.) 

First, I explain the program in more detail. Then I teach you the basics of energy, meditation, and physiology.

Next you lay out your story, I take notes and develop your treatment prompt for at least your Crown Chakra Treatment, all others now or in good time.

I check it with you, you get homework.

You show up to your first Treatment with a whole new Crown Chakra Story you want to create. 


Crown Chakra Treatment - 1-3 HRS

We begin by reading the prompts created in our planning session. Sharing any other part of the story that feels relevant in the moment.

Then we lead the body into trauma release exercises, allow the sequencing, and see what else it asks for.

Repeat until the body finds calm, having released all or enough old tension.

You can talk or not through your stories. There tends to be a lot of heavy emotion in this portion of the treatment. 

Once your body has spoken, we begin the Resourcing.

This is when we build positive physical associations with a new story through yoga and other organic movements.

We pair the pain with attuned support and we pair the wanted stories with pleasure.

You leave with cells tuned to a healthy frequency.

AGES: 27 - 54 yrs.


DEVELOPMENTAL: What can I contribute?

SACRAL CHAKRA: Who is the highest version of me?

Processing Session - 1 HR

In the next hour long Processing Session we will process anything left over from your last Chakra Treatment, as well as develop a plan for your next Chakra Treatment. 


Third Eye Chakra Treatment - 1-3 HRS

You bring a new Sacral Chakra Story.

We begin with the prompts. 

The Body sequences.

We Resource the new Story!

AGES: 18 - 27


DEVELOPMENTAL: Who am I really?

SACRAL CHAKRA: What is my full potential? 

Processing Session - 1 HR


Throat Chakra Treatment - 1-3 HRS

AGES: 11-18


DEVELOPMENTAL: *Find out in your welcome email to the program!*

SACRAL CHAKRA: *Find out in your welcome email to the program!*

Processing Session - 1 HR


Heart Chakra Treatment - 1-3 HRS

AGES: 6-11


DEVELOPMENTAL: *Find out in your welcome email to the program!*

SACRAL CHAKRA: *Find out in your welcome email to the program!*

Processing Session - 1 HR


Solar Plexus Chakra Treatment - 1-3 HRS

AGES: 3 - 6 yrs


DEVELOPMENTAL: *Find out in your welcome email to the program!*

SOLAR PLEXUS CHAKRA: *Find out in your welcome email to the program!*

Processing Session - 1 HR


Sacral Chakra Treatment - 1-3 HRS

AGES: 1.5 - 3 yr


DEVELOPMENTAL: *Find out in your welcome email to the program!*

SACRAL CHAKRA: *Find out in your welcome email to the program!*

Processing Session - 1 HR


Root Chakra Treatment - 1-3 HRS

AGES: 0 - 18 mo.


DEVELOPMENTAL: *Find out in your welcome email to the program!*

ROOT CHAKRA: *Find out in your welcome email to the program!*

Processing Session - 1 HR

30 Day Check-In - 1 HR

30 Days after your Program, you get an hour with me to process long term effects and make long term goals. 

Payment Schedule & Options


Individuals - Online



Individuals - In Home Telluride & 10 Day Retreats

Couples - Online



Couples - In Home Telluride & 10 Day Retreat



$100 Concierge Add-on

Amplify your healing by booking body work, nature, & food experiences that compliment your program! A curated self-care experience. This can be applied to all Programs in Telluride, 10 Day or 15 Week. You pay for the treatments, nature is freeeee!

- All Programs can be paid for in $1100 installments every 30 Days.

- Retreats must be paid in full to schedule.

- If you work on the mountain, we can discuss a pay by session arrangement.

- If you are paying in full we can discuss the potential of changing the length of your treatment session, up or down. (Couples moving down to a 17 Hour Online Package, Individuals moving up to a 31 Hour In-Person Package, and Couples moving to 31 Hour Online Package.)

- Programs average to $138/hr, travel time included.

See if a Resourcing Program could benefit you!