Who Am I?

My name is Sabrina Stone.

I am a therapist turned Holistic Relationship Coach.

I specialize in your relationship to your self and your body.

I stand for the complete reform of the mental health industry.

My training is primarily in Mindfulness Based Counseling, which included Hakomi and Gestalt techniques. I have also studied Tantra, De-Armoring pelvic floor work, and continue to study Kundalini Yoga. 

I consider myself Buddhist and Wiccan. I meditate and operate alongside the Earth as a vibrational being co-creating all that is. 

My Philosophy

I knew from age 16, after seeing my first therapist, that therapy was the way I wanted to help people in this world.

I made it all the way through all of the education to become a Buddhist-Based Psychotherapist and I realized that touch was too important for me to leave out as a practitioner. Especially when we are attempting to address issues related to touch, such as sex and relationships. If the goal of therapy is to create emotionally mature humans capable of healthy relationships, how come the client has no idea how or why the healing is happening, it is passive, and takes years to be effective?

You are witnessing the revolution of the Western mental health field in real time.


I have explored the realms where people do incorporate touch into relationship or sexuality work.

I have studied with Tantrikas who lead people all the way through sacred sexual experiences; I have studied with Tantrikas who lead CEO's in completely platonic energy work; I have studied with pelvic floor specialists who specialize in trauma stored deep in the yoni or lingham; I was lucky enough to have one therapist willing to hold me through my infant trauma. I have practiced much Kundalini Yoga. I intend on studying with other platonic relationship coaches, as well as many other forms of continued study. The format you see here represents what I have deemed to be universally ethical and effective for all psyches and systems.

The middle way: not sexual, not cold.

We all need touch to survive. Literally. If you feed a baby, but don't touch it, it will die. 

So if we do not have faith that we can attain healthy loving touch on a regular basis,

how can any part of our system be calm?

When we find ourselves imbalanced and undernourished, we need to go back to the basics. 


By re-working your relationship to all of these things, you re-work your nervous system, change your attachment to yourself, and create the opportunity to operate in love, rather than fear. 

​At the end of this program or online package, I can assure you you will have an improved relationship to your body, your inner children, your needs and desires, and the way you communicate them with others. All without engaging your sexual energy in session (which is what the psychotherapy industry is so concerned about preventing, understandably), but instead providing calming touch from a one calm body to an unregulated body.

It is important to me that we as practitioners begin acknowledging the link between sex and attachment so that we can be the ones to hold space for the attachment work while we recruit our clients' partners for their sexual work. 

Sexual pleasure or maturity and secure attachment are connected because they are both non-verbal states, the language of the subconscious. And ultimately my passion is caring for the subconscious if I am a student of psychology.

However, it is deeply important for the psyche that we do not mix areas of sexual needs with areas of inner child needs, that we do our best not to ask one singular person to take care of both, and never at the same time

The same way changing diapers does not inspire masturbation, care taking of our partners' inner children is the opposite vibration of sexual desire for them. 

So if you intend to find passion within a relationship, it becomes your responsibility to care take your own inner children. 


Yes, your partner will also get the guidebook on caring about your inner children. For instance, in a healthy relationship, you would inform them on triggers that make self-regulating difficult. They need to know how to behave best for you in this circumstance. But you are the one care taking the inner child by knowing what to ask the other person to do and by being able to ask in a productive way


When we own our inner relationship and heal it, we are much better at taking healthy responsibility in outer relationships.

That is why I specialize in your relationship to yourself!

That is also why the process is the same for individuals and couples. When couples come, I send them on individual journeys to heal their relationships with themselves. I do not preach that you must love yourself before you love someone else. We are hurt in relationship and we heal in relationship. But I do teach that if you want your relationship with others to improve, it must start within. Only when two lovers know themselves deeply can they begin to repair the relationship as its own entity. We begin more open ended coaching at this phase for couples while I am developing Stages of Relationship Development to follow for couples. 

Click the link below to connect with me directly through email with any questions regarding myself or the practice.

I hope to see you soon.